Thursday, October 7, 2010

CheEr Up......=)

Assalamualaikum semua.....Salam pagi khamis....harap2 hari nie jadi hari yg lebih baik drp semalam...insyaAllah....

Semalam..(rabu,061010)..hari yg memenatkan..huargh...awal2 pagi dh kena present TITAS,class smpai pkul 1 pm,then rushing to jamuan raya FIST 2010..then rushing lagi coz kena attend kajian longitudinal....from 3-4 pm(smpai x sempat balik solat zohor di bilik,padahal dok c1 je....solat di surau Blok W last tetibe cancel dh berpeluh2 dh nie + cuaca yg sangat2 panas..)..then 4-6 pm ada kelab....and still have molecular biology lab at night from 8-11 pm.....what a hectic day!!!!

But instead of the so-tired day..there are many things that light up my mood..hehehe...Allah itu maha adil and dia tahu yg terbaik untuk kita,right??

First,our TITAS presentation was great...the audiens gives good feedback and so En Ahmad Fazullah..=) some 'what-so-ever'  question from Saravanan...(your name should be highlighted!!!hehehe)..thanks to Arif Wafi for ur cooperation,joining the SCL part..(did the biscuit we gave taste good???haha) my group members,Nadia,Nallys,Savidhtra n Sya..good job!!

Then,me,amanina,dini and anisah have such a good lunch at JAMUAN RAYA FAKULTI SAINS dan TEKNOLOGI INDUSTRI (FIST)....dah bayar RM 6 sorang...makan lah puas2...kan???..nasi beriyani,satay n nasi impit with not so bad kuah kacang....Alhamdulillah..kenyang perut teman..=)
siap makan dalam cafe lain makan tepi2 jalan je...hehe...

And not to n my group (k umi,amanina,anisah)have done a good experiment with a very good result last nite...hehe..the experiment about DNA extracting and we got such a large number of DNA than others and the result was good as the absorbance was about 1.9..that was pure DNA!!!..not so many group manage to get this result....what a good news after keep busy for the whole day...=)

so,the moral of the story patience for what we're going through as maybe theres something good at the end of story either we concious or not...Allah knows well what are good for us and lets be thankfull and cheer up!!!...=)

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