Friday, April 20, 2012

Learnig is fun!!!

having fun in enzyme technology & fermentation class with Mr.Fazli..>.<

DNA recombination

Plasmid of Sara.sp (one that can produce ABE,acetone butanol ethanol) will be genetically engineered by combining the DNA interest that originally produce EBE.......

Sara sp. + DNA interest = RDNA (recombinant DNA)

The genetically engineered DNA now formed new species calld Fathil sp. (Fathil sp. can produce EBE!!)


vien sp. that originally produce rambutan,when mugillan sp. present, vien sp. was transformed by mugillan sp...the transformed vien sp. now can produced rambutan as well as durian...;)

all species written actually not real..they're all my classmates's name..sara sp. (saravanan), fathil sp. (fathil), vien sp. (vivien) and mugillan sp. (mugillan).....that's a way our lecturer use to get our attention...and it was great!!..(at least we don't feel sleepy..hehe ;)

my handwriting that getting worst day by day..hehe...;P

pssssssssst : i will surely miss my fun,stress,exciting moment as student after graduation..=)

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